Use Case Samples

Hotspot (POI) Performance Assessment

Regression Tests in metropolitan Hotspots

Hotspot Performance results example Communications Service Providers (CSPs) can commission a “Heavy Load Performance Assessment” (Regression Tests) for major Points of Interest (POI) in metropolitan areas. The assessment is designed to use a “Regression Testing” methodology, where 10 mixed type devices (Smartphones, Tablets and Laptops with 4G dongles) are concurrently executing a large number of Test Sequences during peak and off-peak hours, pushing the serving cell sites to their limits.
Following the tests, the data sets (Log Files) collected are correlated with OSS analytics (IMSI Traces) using a multi-vendor, multi-technology, multi-data source analytics platform. This correlation enables CSPs to acquire a true E2E view of the loaded network performance in the POIs, triggering necessary actions for improving the capacity and performance of the cell sites servicing the POIs.