Use Case Samples

Indoor Network Performance Assessment

Quality of Service Appraisal in Top Shopping Malls

Indoor Measurements Example Targeting an increase of B2B / B2C Sales, a Communication Systems Provider (CSP) can commission an “Indoor QoS Assessment Campaign”, in shopping malls, with focus on Machine 2 Machine (POS, ATM, Smart Terminal) performance. The solution targets the evaluation of M2M performance, inside the shopping mall areas and provides a complete assessment of the “Offered Quality of Service” for M2M devices.
A state of the art indoor measurement system, consisting of 6 Smartphones in a backpack and a “Controller” tablet computer, is utilized. The individual floor plans are imported in the tablet and the test operator performs a “Walk-Through” at the main areas of each shopping mall.
A detailed report is then produced which, alongside the measurement log files, constitutes the key deliverable. The report provides CSPs with valuable technical insights that can be used to support expansion or optimization business cases.
The CSP, following the review of the measurement report, will be able to trigger the necessary actions for improving the performance of the indoor systems, in the shopping malls that showcased low performance ratings and thus upgrade their M2M Service performance.