Use Case Samples

End to End Data Network Optimization

A “Quick-Fix” of the Top 5 network performance issues for a leading CSP

E2E Network Optimization data example Following the implementation of LTE systems, Communication Systems Providers usually deploy E2E Network Optimization projects. Those projects aim at integrating the 4G network elements to the legacy 3G/2G networks and perform traffic management and QoS tasks between all systems, additionally.
A typical Use Case focuses on the Top 5 QoS performance issues prominent in the network. This service is designed on a “Quick-Fix” approach (usually 3-6 Months) where, following a QoS performance assessment, the Top 5 issues are assessed and the related Key Performance Indicators that must be improved are precisely defined.
Typically, a team of 3 E2E Network Optimization Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and a Project Manager is deployed on-site and on a “Telepresence” basis, supported by an innovative, cloud based, analytics platform with multi-vendor, multi-technology, multi-data source capabilities. The effectiveness of the cloud platform allows the SMEs to post process and analyze vast amounts of performance data and within a very small timeframe support the definition of improvement measures.
A dedicated “Root Cause Analysis” is performed by the SMEs, targeting the identification of the network parameters that must be optimized in order to fix the Top 5 QoS Issues. Utilizing their multi-vendor engineering expertise, the SMEs analyze the potential dependencies of various parameter changes to the network performance dynamics and identify the best values to be implemented.
Finally, following a parameter trial stage in a controlled cluster of sites, the parameters sets are fine-tuned and consequently delivered in a template form per site type.
A follow up QoS performance verification campaign can be optionally performed at the most strategic locations.