Use Case Samples

Nationwide Competitive Service Benchmarking

Fingerprinting the service performance of CSPs in the country

LTE Benchmarking example Historically all Communication Systems Providers (CSPs) commission or purchase Competitive Network Benchmarking (CNB) Reports. Those reports are an indispensable set of technical analytics used to support key business cases.
Typical CNB campaigns are mobile and cover the capital, main cities, small cities and the interconnecting highways.
The corresponding reports offer detailed QoS technical insights for all CSPs in the country.
Netgnosis has developed a unique CNB service, taking the benchmarking analytics to the next level; OTT Quality of Experience (QoE).
The CNB campaigns are performed using cutting edge benchmarking system consisting of 12-24 active test devices (12 per car) running OTT application-based tests alongside more traditional POLQA, HTTP Upload/Download, PING, SMS and Email tests.
The post processing of the collected data (Log Files) is done using an advanced multi-vendor, multi-technology, multi-data source analysis platform capable of producing aggregated QoE Reports per CSP and other Regional and Nationwide segments.
The CNB Report is usually accompanied by the complete bundle of Log files collected during the campaign.